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Our Winter 2023 Issue

On behalf of the Stanford Economic Review Editorial Board, I am pleased to present the eleventh volume, winter issue, of Stanford University’s undergraduate economics journal.

Building on our momentum from last year, our publication has continued expanding its global reach over the course of the 2022-2023 academic year. As our readership climbs to new heights, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to publishing both exceptional empirical research and incisive analyses of modern economic issues.

This journal issue spotlights undergraduate work on a wide variety of topics ranging from electric vehicle adoption in California to asymmetric matching markets on 7 Cups, a social-emotional support site. In addition to the six original research papers in this volume, commentary pieces written for our publication over the last few months have evaluated popular domestic policy proposals like raising the minimum wage and implementing larger-scale basic income programs and have analyzed important political and economic developments including China’s recent housing crisis and rising homelessness in Los Angeles.

As always, we are incredibly grateful to the authors whose writing is featured in this journal edition and on the commentaries section of our website. Lastly, we would like to thank the Stanford Economics Association (SEA) and the Stanford Economics Department for their continued support.

Karthick Arunachalam

2022-23 Editor-in-Chief

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