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Believe in the Tree
Ezra Kohrman, Stanford University
January 2022
Global Public Goods and COVID-19
Nicolas Garcia, Stanford University
January 2022
The Russian Solution to a European Energy Crisis
Jenna Teterin, Stanford University
February 2022
Metaverse Money: The Economy in a Digital World
Aidan Cullen, Stanford University
February 2022
China’s Supply-Side Waste and Demand-Side Failure
Lucas Bosman, Stanford University
February 2022
Ghost Credits: A Carbon Conundrum
Eshan Kemp, Stanford University
March 2022
Governance in the Global Economy
Zachary Cheek, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
April 2022
Climate Change and the Pacific Small Island Developing States
Irina Didenko and Jennifer Zhang, New York University
May 2022
Predicting COVID-19’s Long-Term Effects Using Past Pandemics
Azmaeen Zarif, University of Cambridge
May 2022