When are the submission deadlines?

  • Submissions for the Winter 2023-24 issue of our research journal must be received by December 15, 2023.
  • Commentaries are accepted throughout the year on a rolling basis. 

Who may submit?

  • We welcome work from undergraduates who are enrolled at a two- or four-year college or university at the time they submit their work.
  • Stanford, non-Stanford, and international undergraduates are encouraged to submit work.
  • Authors may submit their work to other publications. However, they must withdraw their work from other publications if we select it. Duplicate publication is not allowed.

What kind of work may be submitted?

  • We accept two types of submissions. First, for our research journal, we accept unpublished research papers, theses, and course term papers. Second, for the commentary section of our website, we accept unpublished, shorter-length pieces, such as essays, opinion pieces, and reviews related to current economic issues and trends. Commentaries can be either short-form or long-form—the primary distinction between these categories is the word limit (the specific submission requirements are described in the following section).
  • We welcome work in any field of economics and in related disciplines, such as political science, public policy, international relations, management science, applied mathematics, business, and finance. We also enthusiastically support interdisciplinary work.

How is work submitted?

  • Note: Authors may submit work that does not meet some requirements, but if their work is accepted for publication, they must meet expectations.
  • Generally, research papers should be no longer than 25 pages. Short-form commentary submissions must abide by a strict 500–1,000 word limit. Long-form commentary submissions must adhere to a 1,800–7,500 word limit. Note that captions, titles, and figure/image descriptions are not included in these limits.
  • Text must be formatted in 12-point Times New Roman font with 1.5 line spacing.
  • Research papers must follow APA style and must include in-text citations and a reference section (bibliography). In addition, research papers must include tables, figures, and equations that are labeled and numbered. No footnotes, please.
  • Both short-form and long-form commentaries do not need to follow APA style. Instead, authors should simply include in-text hyperlinks to the pertinent sources any time that they reference facts, data, or evidence.
  • Plagiarism in any form is not tolerated. Full and accurate citations are required for research papers, and all facts and data must be directly referenced in the text of commentaries via links to the sources (e.g., website, journal, magazine, database, etc.) where the evidence was found.
  • Author name and institution must be included. Research papers, theses, and course term papers require an abstract and acknowledgments.
  • Submissions must be emailed to
    • In the email subject line, include your first and last name as well as “Winter 2023-24 Submission – Research Paper,” “Short-Form Commentary Submission,” or “Long-Form Commentary Submission.”
    • Research papers may be submitted as either a LaTeX or Word document. Commentaries must be submitted as a Word document.
    • Both research papers and commentaries must also include a PDF version of the LaTeX or Word document. All tables, figures, and equations must be included in the PDF.
    • Include figures and tables separately as JPEG or PNG files. If there are many files, combine them into one ZIP file.
    • Please organize and name documents and files so they are readily understood.
    • In summary, research submissions emailed to will include these attachments: (1) .tex or .docx file; (2) .pdf file; and (3) .jpg, .png, or .zip file(s). Commentary submissions emailed to will include these attachments: (1) .docx file; (2) .pdf file; and (3) .jpg, .png, or .zip file(s) (only if the commentary includes tables and figures).

What happens after submission?

  • By submitting work, authors whose work is accepted agree to: withdraw their work from other publications, respond promptly and work diligently with us during the editing and publishing process, and allow us to make stylistic edits and to publish their work.
  • We review all submissions and look for originality, compelling evidence, and strong analysis.
  • Research papers are exclusively considered for our journal, and commentary pieces are exclusively considered for the commentary section of our website. Commentary pieces are not included in the main journal.
  • Authors will be notified by email once decisions have been made. Please check your email.
  • The journal is published on our website along with commentaries. We do not print physical copies of the journal. Please go to the Archives tab of our website to view and download past issues of the journal.

Still have questions? Please email us at