Saving Our Salmon: Understanding the Environmental Justifications for the Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund from an Economic Perspective

Rosie Albenice, University of Georgia

This paper aims to understand the adversity faced by coho salmon and the ways government intervention can help maintain their population. The Oregon coast coho Evolutionary Significance Unit (ESU) consists of 21 independent salmon populations and 35 dependent populations, which have been receiving restoration treatment through the Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund since 2000. The following paper’s observations are derived from 2000 to 2014 data focused on the 21 independent populations within the Oregon coast coho ESU. There are ten different types of restoration-focused projects, which are the main focus of this study, though other factors are considered heavily throughout the analysis. This data has been aggregated as panel data and utilizes the least squares fixed effect data transformation with specified treatment effect variable lags.

Read the full paper here.

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