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Our Summer 2021 Issue

On behalf of the Comparative Advantage Editorial Board, we are pleased to present the ninth volume, summer issue, of Stanford University’s undergraduate economics journal.

This volume presents undergraduate work on a wide variety of topics, including environmental economics, political economy, and labor economics. Furthermore, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to exact a toll on individuals and healthcare systems worldwide, this volume may inform the debates on resulting government policies. Work in this volume analyzes the relationship between labor market outcomes and compliance with public health measures, and other work studies the now-critical efforts to expand high-speed broadband for populations in need.

We are grateful to the authors whose work is presented in this volume, to all students who submitted work for consideration, and to our associate editors for their tireless effort during the editing process process. Finally, we would like to thank the Stanford Economics Department and the Stanford Economics Association (SEA) for their continued support.

Mary Zhu and Eric Tang
2020-21 Editors-in-Chief

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