Exciting News for 2021-22 and Beyond – Our Name has Changed!

For almost a decade, Comparative Advantage has published incredible research papers from undergraduate students across the globe, serving as a medium to amplify the voices of some of the world’s brightest minds. Starting this year, we are attempting to broaden our publication’s impact by venturing into new territory: the realm of commentaries.  Especially in the… Continue reading Exciting News for 2021-22 and Beyond – Our Name has Changed!


The Impact of Liquidity Constraints on Job Seekers’ Reservation Wage

Giovanni M. Topa, Columbia University -- I use novel data from the Survey of Consumer Expectations, conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and data from the Survey of Unemployed Workers in New Jersey, both of which directly elicit individuals’ reservation wages to study the effects of being liquidity constrained on reservation wages.


Political Participation After a Mass Protest Movement: Evidence from the Arab Spring

Nada Shalash, Boston University -- This paper explores the individual and social determinants of political engagement across the Middle East before and after the Arab Spring. Using the Arab Spring as an example of a mass uprising spanning multiple countries, I conduct a difference-in-differences analysis of socioeconomic determinants of political engagement in the Middle East.