The Effect of the Down Payment Constraint on House Prices: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in China

Xingyou Ye, Renmin University of China

The down payment constraint is commonly adopted as an effective means of stabilizing the housing market. However, there is a lack of empirical evidence on its effects on house prices. We estimate the impact of raising the minimum down payment by exploiting Beijing municipal’s ordinary and non-ordinary housing policy. Specifically, we incorporate the spillover effect into an RD-DiD setting to allow for violation of SUTVA and difference out the confounding effect. Empirical analysis shows that the treated homes have their prices decreased by more than 10%, whereas the prices of the untreated within the same residential unit increase by a similar magnitude. As for the dynamics, the effects rise in the first three years after the implementation of the policy and fall in the fourth year.

Read the full paper here.

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