Our Winter 2020-2021 Issue

On behalf of the Comparative Advantage Editorial Board, we are honored to present the ninth volume, Winter issue, of the Stanford Undergraduate Economics Journal.

In a year that has strained universities around the world, we remain thankful for the flow of research ideas at the undergraduate level. We received submissions from dozens of university students, spread across six different countries, and have compiled the year’s best work into our journal and accompanying blog.

Among other topics, the pieces in this issue analyze the effects of legal regulation on the global antiquities trade, the nuances of monetary supply in India, and the relationship between marijuana legalization and alcohol consumption. This issue’s accompanying blog pieces address urgent issues such as the environmental justice consequences of California’s cap-and-trade regulations, and unemployment among refugee communities during the 2008 financial crisis.

We are delighted to share the outstanding work we have chosen this quarter. As always, we thank the Stanford Economics Department and the Stanford Economics Association (SEA) for their thoughtful support of the journal.

Mary Zhu and Eric Tang
2020-21 Editors-in-Chief

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