Our Winter 2017-18 Issue

On behalf of the Comparative Advantage Editorial Board, I am honored to present the fifth volume, Winter Issue of the Stanford Undergraduate Economics Journal.

We have continued our mission of making economic research more accessible to all audiences. To provide content more frequently to readers, we have moved to publishing two issues per year, mirroring our two-round submission process. Our blog has also become a more prominent part of our organization as we hope to bring general-interest pieces to our readers.

This year’s journal discusses the recent presidential election in the U.S., the effects of Algerian immigrants on the labor and housing market in France, and movements in the Chinese stock market. Our blog further covers topics such as the electoral turnout in the U.K. and immigrant workers in the poultry industry. We are excited to publish these excellent papers, selected through a competitive submission process.

We would finally like to thank the Stanford Economics Department and the Stanford Economics Association (SEA) for their gracious support.

Laura Zhang
2018 Editor-In-Chief